A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec dental furniture in operatory

Thank You, Townie Dentists

Since 2003, Dentaltown magazine's online community of dental professionals has consistently named A-dec products as the best across multiple categories. Once again, we're honored by this year's Townie Choice Awards:

Best Operatory Equipment
From dental chairs to delivery systems to lights, stools and cabinets, A-dec dental equipment is engineered and tested for 20 years of life. That means reliable, intuitive products that withstand the demands of the dental environment.

Best Unit Waterline Treatments (A-dec ICX)
Easy to use, A-dec ICX waterline treatment tablets work to eliminate buildups of odor-causing, foul-tasting microbial contamination and to prevent future accumulation.

A-dec is continually working to improve and refine our products. Thank you, Townie dentists, for recognizing our efforts to keep making the best, better.

Dentaltown Townie Award
A-dec operatory equipment award

Best operatory equipment (2018-2023)

Operatory equipment includes dental chairs, delivery systems, lights, stools, and cabinets.
A-dec ICX waterline maintenance tablets

Best unit waterline treatment (2022-2023)

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A-dec dental chair in paprika

Best patient chairs (2003-2017*)

Learn more about A-dec dental chairs.
A-dec dental delivery system

Best delivery systems (2003-2017*)

Learn more about A-dec delivery systems.
A-dec 500 dental light

Best operatory lights (2003-2017*)

Learn more about A-dec dental lights.
A-dec dental stool

Best stools (2003-2017*)

Learn more about A-dec stools.
A-dec inspire dental cabinet

Best dental cabinetry (2003-2017*)

Learn more about A-dec dental cabinets.

*Beginning with the 2018 awards, Dentaltown combined all these individual products into a single category, Operatory Equipment.