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A-dec 300 dental chair
A-dec 300 dental chair with continental delivery system and lever foot control

A-dec 300 Dental Chair

Compact. Sensible. Flexible. The A-dec 300 dental chair combines a robust design, great access, and minimal maintenance.  Designed as a modular solution, A-dec 300 is a whole system that lets you pick and choose the features you want, within the price point you need.

Patient comfort

Pressure mapped, contoured surfaces and virtual pivot ensure a relaxed and supported patient experience. A dual-articulating headrest and ample shoulder support keeps patients resting comfortably.

Excellent access

With your knees tucked under the ultra-thin, flexible backrest, you have excellent access to the oral cavity.

A-dec 300 dental chair features

Ultra-thin, flexible backrest (1.25", 32 mm). Enables you to tuck your knees under the chair providing ergonomic access to the oral cavity.

Double-articulating, gliding headrests. Adjusts easily for optimal patient positioning.

Hybrid chairlift system. Combines the power of a hydraulic base and the smoothness of an electro-mechanical tilt, allowing simultaneous movement for quicker patient positioning.

Cut-away, cast iron baseplate. Allows you to roll your stool closer to the patient; provides six contact points for added stability on uneven floors.

A-dec 300 dental chair with pacific upholstery
A-dec 300 Dental Chair
Base height range Low point: 13.75" (349 mm), 14.75" (375 mm) with dual mount
High point: 31.5" (800 mm)
Backrest Ultra-thin 1.25" (32 mm) flexible backrest. (Based on formed upholstery)
Headrest Dual-articulating gliding headrest; locking knob
Armrests 2-position armrests
Power supply 300-watt
Chair control Delivery system touchpad or foot switch
Lift system Hybrid drive (electromechanical tilt, hydraulic base)
Upholstery options Sewn or formed
Load rating The A-dec 300 dental chair is rated to 400 lb (181 kg) maximum patient load. The chair is tested to 4X (1600 lb/725 kg) to ensure safety.
The A-dec 300 is comfortable and streamlined and with the sewn upholstery, it looks very comfortable and inviting.
Dr. Khaled Zoud
Wisdom Centre for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Burwood, NSW, Australia

A-dec 300 dental chair upholstery

What's your colour? A-dec offers an array of choices in formed or sewn upholsteries to create an environment that reflects your style.

A-dec 300 dental chair operatory package

A-dec 300 Radius operatory package

Switch between right- or left-handed operators with ease. Single- or dual-Radius mounting rotates around the front of the chair for better patient access during procedures.

A-dec 300 pedestal operatory package 

Dedicated left or right delivery offers easy amalgam separator access and a sleek, contoured floor box eliminates exposed hardware.

A-dec 300 dental chair with pedestal operatory package
A-dec 300 dental chair and dental equipment

A-dec 300 post-mount operatory package

Upgrade your existing dental chair with an A-dec 300 delivery system. Integrate up to two accessories, including intraoral cameras, electric handpieces, curing lights or ultrasonic instruments.

Dental equipment options

Delivery systems

A-dec 300 Traditional and Continental delivery systems can integrate a quad-volt intraoral light source and two clinical devices.

A-dec 300 dental chair with continental delivery system

Dental lights

A-dec LED dental lights bring a lot to your practice. A clearer view of tooth surfaces. Reduced eyestrain. Less fatigue. Choose the A-dec 500 LED dental light or the A-dec 300 LED dental light.

A-dec 300 dental chair with dental LED light

Monitor mounts

Monitor mounts pivot to accommodate viewing from a variety of patient positions. Increase case acceptance when you incorporate the use of an intraoral camera with a chairside monitor.

A cabinet-mounted monitor at 12 o’clock makes an excellent choice for patient record keeping and practice management applications. Ceiling, wall, and central/side cabinet-mounted monitors are ideal for providing patient entertainment in either seated or supine positions.

A-dec 300 dental chair with monitor mount and LED dental light

Assistant's instrumentation

Place the assistant’s clinical devices right where they are needed most with A-dec 300 assistant’s instrumentation. Adjustable 3- or 4-position holders are available as a chair mount, cuspidor mount or telescoping arm.

A-dec 300 dental chair with assistants instrumentation


Glass bowl with bowl screen. Manual and timed adjustable cup fill and bowl rinse. Requires support center.

A-dec 300 dental chair with cuspidor

How do you clean an A-dec dental chair?
A-dec recommends cleaning the upholstery using a solution of mild, non-ionic detergent and water, or commercially available cleaners containing no alcohol, bleach, or ammonia. Get more information in the A-dec Upholstery Maintenance Guide.

How long should a dental chair last?
With proper maintenance and service, A-dec dental chairs are designed and tested for a “service life” of 20 years under normal use. The actual service life can be influenced by factors such as environment, extent of use, cleaning and maintenance frequency, and preventative maintenance of normal service “wear & tear” components. Please review A-dec’s customer warranty for complete details, including applicable disclaimers and limitations of liability.

What’s the weight capacity of the A-dec 300 dental chair?
The A-dec 300 dental chair is rated to 400 lb (181 kg) maximum patient load. The chair is tested to 4X (1600 lb /725 kg) to ensure safety. 

What is the cost of an A-dec 300 dental chair?
You can customize your dental chair with many different equipment options. Contact your local A-dec dealer.

How do you reupholster A-dec dental chairs?
Replacement upholstery can be ordered through your local A-dec dealer. Get upholstery color and replacement upholstery information.

What is the warranty for an A-dec dental chair?
A-dec is pleased to offer a 5-year warranty for all dental equipment and furniture purchased from an authorized A-dec dealer. See A-dec, Inc. Express Limited Warranty for full warranty information.

How do you order genuine A-dec replacement parts for your dental chair?
To order replacement parts, please contact your local A-dec dealer.

How do you maintain A-dec dental equipment?
Daily and preventative maintenance will help keep your dental equipment running smoothly. Use the Dental Equipment Maintenance checklist for easy reference.

How do you operate/adjust key features on the A-dec 300 dental chair?
Reference the A‑dec 311 and 411 Dental Chair Instructions for Use for specifics regarding chair operation and adjustments.

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