A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec employees in dental equipment manufacturing building

Build a Career Based on Values That Make a Difference

At A-dec, we embed our values into the work we do every day. Because when you truly believe in what you’re doing, something interesting happens. It becomes your passion. You find yourself taking the initiative and giving it your all. Fearless commitment. A sense of purpose.

We value people

Being an industry leader means putting people first. Always.

We empower employees to develop to their highest potential. A workplace focused on total well-being for the entire family. Opportunities for technical innovation, leadership development, and personal challenge. A place to grow. We extend that same concern for people to our peers, customers, and community. It’s the only way we know how to run a business.

Because it's about the big picture. Paying it forward. For everyone.


Everything I’ve seen at A-dec speaks to our culture and our people. I hope to leave behind a legacy of someone that cared.

A-dec employee supervising dental equipment manufacturing

Mellissa Goad

Sheet Metal Supervisor

We value craft

Innovation happens when people love the details of what they do. It starts by taking the very best of your skills and talents. Then dig a little deeper.

A-dec started with just 5 employees in a little machine shop in Newberg, OR. As each person honed their craft, the company grew. The secret to our success? Find what you love and give it your all. That's why we support local technical and trade programs, provide on-the-job development opportunities, and promote from within.

Because passion for details makes the best better.


I was given the opportunity to contribute to our software development process. I really value being able to provide feedback on a project from beginning to end.

A-dec employee in modern office space

Jessica McMullan

Software Engineer

The A-dec Way

At A-dec, our working philosophy is a commitment to strive for excellence in all we do. From the time co-founders Ken and Joan Austin were hiring their first employees, they held firm to a set of principles, The A-dec Way:

1. Concern for People 
2. Provide opportunities and assist in self-development 
3. Provide an atmosphere encouraging self-satisfaction and pride 
4. Encourage team effort 
5. Maintain complete fairness, honesty and integrity 
6. Maintain open consistent and regular communication 
7. Encourage public service 
8. Encourage creativity 
9. Commitment to quality and productivity 
10. Maintain consistency 
11. Dedication to improvement 
12. Keep things simple and basic 
13. Build on the basis of "need" 
14. Attention to detail 
15. Conserve resources

Although the world has changed since our company was founded, our values have never wavered. The A-dec Way continues to guide the company today, into our tomorrow.

A-dec founders Ken and Joan Austin in 1966
A-dec employees prepare meals for global community service

Global community service

Giving back to our community and helping others is at the heart of A-dec. That’s why our employees raise thousands of dollars each year for fellow employees in need. They partner with customers to donate used dental equipment to clinics in underdeveloped countries. They build clearer pathways to education for youth in China. They strengthen local healthcare systems in the UK.

Why do we give? Because together, we can help make our communities stronger, healthier, and more successful.

Rota-Dent & TotaChair

A-dec co-founder Ken Austin was determined to create a partnership with Rotary Clubs to help bring portable dental solutions to under-served populations around the world. In response, Ken engineered the Rota-Dent and TotaChair. Today, more than 80,000 people have received care from outreach volunteers using this unique equipment.