A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec dental chair with parrot upholstery in dental operatory

Why A-dec

A-dec has a longstanding reputation for legendary performance, quality, and designing and manufacturing for reliability.

Why A-dec? From sourcing the best raw materials, to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to superior customer service—paying attention to every little detail makes all the difference. This extra care is why dentists, hospitals, dental schools, and government clinics worldwide choose A-dec dental equipment. And why you can choose A-dec with confidence.

A-dec dental chair tested for reliability

Legendary reliability

A-dec designs and builds our dental equipment and dental cabinets to withstand the unique demands of the dental operatory.

Every chair, stool, light, and delivery system is tested to last for 20 years of consistent daily use. Because the reliability of your dental equipment is the last thing you should have to think about.

A-dec sets the bar high in design, engineering, and manufacture of its products.
Dr. James Dutro
Dutro Family Dentistry
Hillsboro, OR, USA

Smart ergonomics

A-dec dental equipment is engineered with smart ergonomics that help reduce pain and strain, while keeping everything you need at your fingertips.

From the thin backrest on the A-dec 500 dental chair to the precise maneuverability of the A-dec 500 LED light, A-dec products help you maintain good posture, while reducing unnecessary movements.

A-dec dental stool components
When you consider the engineering, A-dec equipment is clearly designed for the ergonomic ideal.
Dr Keith Henderson
Dr. Keith Henderson
San Diego, CA, USA
A-dec Customer Service Support Team

Unparalleled support

A-dec is your partner for the life of your practice. Our authorized dealers, dedicated territory managers, and customer service representatives are an integrated team that works together for your success. They'll help you choose the right equipment, train you on its use and maintenance, and show you how to enjoy a healthier, more productive practice.

When I need advice from somebody, I want a trusted team. That’s what I feel like I have with my equipment specialist and Territory Manager.
Dr. Richard Keefe
Dr. Richard Keefe
Keefe General Dentistry
Massillon, OH, USA

Versatile integration

With A-dec, you can keep up with rapidly changing dental technology without replacing your entire delivery system.

Clinical devices that once required separate boxes, additional wiring, and cumbersome tubing can now be easily integrated into your A-dec delivery system. That gives you multiple choices today and flexibility for the future.

A-dec 500 continental delivery system with deluxe touchpad
A-dec water bottle

Optimal infection control

A-dec dental equipment is engineered with a focus on asepsis. Our simple approach to dental equipment design keeps clean water in and contaminants out. Because when it comes to protecting your water supply, there’s simply no room for compromise.

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