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Dental school with A-dec dental equipment

A-dec is the Preferred Choice for Dental Schools and Hospitals

For nearly 50 years, dental schools and government institutions worldwide have chosen A-dec dental equipment more often than any other manufacturer for its quality, reliability, and long-term value.

Whether your primary challenge is space, integrating technology, or a combination of other requirements, A-dec offers reliable, creative solutions. By utilising industry insights gained in decades of service, A-dec helps you anticipate the future and maximise your investment.

Operatory at dental school with A-dec dental equipment

Durability that lasts for decades

A-dec dental equipment is legendary for its long-lasting reliability. The entire manufacturing process is carefully managed, from raw materials to final assembly, in A-dec’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Every dental chair, dental light, and delivery system is designed, engineered, built and tested to ensure total quality—and an equipment lifespan of 20 years or more.

Even with the extra rigors of teaching and clinical environments, A-dec equipment stands up to continuous daily use and cleaning. Plus, it’s designed for easy integration of new technologies, now and into the future.

We chose A-dec equipment because of our 20-year experience with their proven reliability, functionality, and longevity. We needed equipment that looks nice and is also very durable.
Colleen Brickle Dean of Health Services at Normandale Community College
Colleen Brickle
Dean of Health Sciences
Normandale Community College

Exceptional long-term value

Many schools and institutions have discovered that the true cost of dental equipment goes far beyond the initial purchase price. To get the maximum value for your budget, remember to factor in reliability, maintenance, training, downtime, parts availability, and future expandability in your decision.

As you compare costs over time, you’ll see that A-dec offers an exceptional combination of quality, durability, and long-term value, making it a wise investment.

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Acquisition cost
Maintenance cost
Product life (in years)
Total cost of ownership
A-dec dental chair in operatory at dental school

Designed for your specific needs

From concept to installation, A-dec works with you to ensure the best solution for your requirements—whether it’s a single surgery or an entire building. It starts with understanding your goals, technology requirements, and space limitations.

By partnering with you even before an architect is involved, A-dec dealer partners can create a plan for maximum workflow and efficiency. From there, you can expect a project plan and schematic to more clearly visualise exactly what you’re ordering.

And because A-dec has a dedicated team of engineers, creating a special product or equipment modification is always an option. You can depend on A-dec to help you realise your vision.

Dedicated support and project management

Every A-dec dealer partner has a dedicated team of specialists who leave no detail to chance. With decades of experience serving dental schools and hospitals, A-dec and our dealer partners are here to provide superior support with planning and designing your project. With a renowned user training scheme for staff and students included as part of our service, A-dec are here to ensure complete user and technical support throughout the lifetime of the product.

Special Markets Manager: The A-dec Special Markets Manager will be your dedicated contact after initial project conception for day-to-day business. The A-dec Special Markets Manager will work with our dealer partners to ensure on-site in-service training, on-going customer need identification, along with planning and consulting.

Partnering with dental schools

From the beginning, A-dec’s mission has been to improve dentistry by supporting the greater dental community. That includes educators on the leading edge of dentistry, who are training the next generation of clinicians.

A-dec products have evolved to meet the particular needs of school settings. The development of radius delivery systems, for example, came directly from working to meet educators’ specific space and user requirements.

Today, A-dec products are helping dental students around the world develop their clinical skills. It’s part of our core commitment to ensure an optimum learning environment, one lab at a time.

A-dec dental equipment in dental school
A-dec dental equipment simulator

The A-dec Simulator: an advanced learning tool

The A-dec Simulator is designed to accelerate learning and elevate clinical competency. By replicating the spatial dynamics of a clinical setting, it enhances students’ transition from simulation lab to clinic.

The simulator integrates multiple clinical devices including electric motors, ultrasonic instruments, and intraoral cameras. The versatile design accommodates both left- and right-handed students.

And because the A-dec Simulator reinforces correct positioning and posture, students learn the important ergonomic skills they will need for longer, healthier careers.

A top choice worldwide

A-dec is the preferred choice for more than 80% of North American dental schools. And, chosen more often than all other manufacturers combined for dental schools and government clinics in over 100 countries worldwide.

Considering the rigorous selection process for public bids and tenders involving educators, administrators, dentists, accountants, procurement officers, property engineers, volumes of third-party data—and lengthy evaluation periods—that’s a lot of criteria to pass. 

Even institutions on fixed or very tight budgets select A-dec more often than any other brand, based on the combination of quality, reliability, years of service, and low total cost of ownership.

Dental schools and clinics with A-dec dental equipment

Talk to an A-dec Representative today

As the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturer, A-dec is focused on creative, reliable solutions that support your success. 
For more information, contact the Special Markets Manager, UK.

David Miles
Phone: +44 (0)7718 786 022 
Email: David.Miles@a-dec.com

Is there user training available for Dental School and Hospital customers?
A-dec is proud to continue the tradition of providing onsite user training for both students and staff for the entirety of the A-dec equipment. To learn more about training for the A-dec equipment, please contact your A-dec Territory Manager.

Does A-dec provide space planning guidance?
A-dec and our dealer partners provide consultative support to assess your space planning requirements and create your vision, from concept to reality. Whether you’re considering a new building project, a renovation or workflow improvements, we have the experience, knowledge, and technical expertise to make your project a success. For an overview of the services we provide to support your project, please contact your A-dec Territory Manager.

Are there any references I can use for completed projects with A-dec?
For a portfolio of completed projects and a current reference list, contact your A-dec Territory Manager.

How do I get an A-dec equipment catalogue or A-dec service parts catalogue?
Please call us on 0800 233 285 or email a request to info@a-dec.co.uk